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How to Use Snapchat and Facebook Live Video for Sales

How to Use Snapchat and Facebook Live Video for Sales

Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies and he also happens to be a Centennial Lending Group favorite. Today’s article comes from his AskGaryVee show.

Gary’s favorite concept in real estate is owning the story around a home and the city or town around it. Where social media comes into play is that you can easily craft daily content about a home and the 10-20 mile radius around the area where you plan to sell property. If you want to win on social, you should also be putting out content to make potential buyers romantic about the local amenities since people often pick where to live based on utility (ie. convenience, commute time, school districts).

So, here are some tactics you can use on two platforms that I can see gaining popularity in the real estate industry. Realtors can use these tips to bring value to their audience and produce real results (aka, actually lead to housing sales and rentals).


I’ve hyperbolized around Snapchat for so long and it is so obvious to me where the market is headed. If you know me at all, you know where I stand on it: it’s a platform that people use with intent. Because the content disappears, you can be sure that users are really paying attention to what’s happening on their screens.

But, the value of the platform that most real estate people are overlooking is the emerging 30 to 45 year old demo on Snapchat. In the next 2-3 years, Snapchat will skew much older and age much like Facebook has. There’s a lot of value in being a first mover on the platform.

Just as interesting is Snapchat’s growth among the elite top earners within the 30 to 45 year-old demo, especially on the coasts. (It is very obvious to me that Snapchat has the attention of my “rich” friends right now.)

The one arbitrage tactic that is still available (and I think is grossly underpriced right now) is custom geofilters. For example, I think it would be incredible for a real estate agent to buy filters on top of all the hottest restaurants in Soho with some clever creative and copy. You want to take advantage of the fact that if they are out in the area, they probably like the neighborhood. For the cool, affluent 36-year old who can afford a 3 million dollar apartment in Soho, a real estate agent who is smart enough to create a filter on Snapchat is exactly the person who is going to win that business.

One of the great things about Snapchat is that the platform makes it very easy to create content. It doesn’t have to be “polished.” Because of the low barrier to entry, you don’t need a high-tech camera or to be blessed with amazing photography or video skills.

For example, you can easily produce content around the neighborhoods where you have listings and showing the actual properties won’t take up much time. You can do quick reviews of the nearby restaurants, schools, the back porch, the patio, the pool, or anything relevant that adds value to the consumer. Think about it: It’s a one person show that you can do without a production company and it doesn’t require the high skill cap and resources that are often needed for other platforms like YouTube. For the average real estate agent, Snapchat content is quite scalable. All you need is your phone and insights on what people are interested in.


Now, you also know my stance on Facebook advertising. It’s an incredible platform that allows you to overlay a ton of rich targeting layers like age, location, recent life events, and interests. However, that’s not all that Facebook can offer. There’s a big opportunity to use Facebook Live, Facebook’s native live streaming product.

Live streaming is hot right now and with Facebook Live’s growing popularity, it’s definitely something realtors should move on. Feel lost on how you can use Facebook Live? Think about the ability to create a virtual open house at scale on Facebook–a platform where many real estate agents already have a foothold for potential buyers.

I can envision a hotshot real estate agent streaming live from an open house while talking to potential clients. Potential buyers will be able to view the house remotely and ask relevant questions that the realtor can respond to and show in real time. Think about all the house-showcasing programs that took television by storm in the late 90s and into the 2000s. It’s MTV cribs made even more compelling with live streaming.

Using Facebook to do live, virtual open houses is going to be a monumental move. I expect multiple people to email me over the next 24 months to say they sold a house to someone who was watching on Facebook instead of going to a traditional viewing.

Using Facebook to do live, virtual open houses is going to be a monumental move.

A lot of realtors are not using social to their full advantage. A lot of you lack the desire to adjust and innovate with the new tools at hand. You can’t be romantic about using the same methods to make a sale based on the industry standard. While you might be mapping to your demo now, we are 24 to 30 months away from Snapchat and live streaming platforms becoming the mainstream for the 30–45-year-old demo. So, I challenge you to start experimenting with these platforms to bring value and make that sale.



*Article and photo by Gary Vaynerchuk, April, 2016. To see the original article, click here. 


It’s Story Time – Move over Snapchat, Instagram wants in

It’s Story Time – Move over Snapchat, Instagram wants in

Are you using Snapchat in your real estate business? Well, you should be. The service’s disappearing Stories feature has reinvented social media and is currently changing the game for publishers’ shared content. (It’s also insanely popular with millennials, too). Now, not to be left behind, the Facebook-owned Instagram wants to in on the action.

Thanks to a recent Instagram update, users can now post pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours, sharing everyday moments as they happen in real time. The company even added a drawing tool and text capabilities to try to mimic the flair of its competitor. These Stories never appear in the main Instagram feed and can be found across the top of the screen upon startup.

Like the service’s new algorithm-based feed, Stories will be dished out the same way, so you can prominently see updates from people you interact with the most. The goal for Instagram is to get more people to remain on their platform as long as possible, without jumping ship to others. Also like Snapchat, Insta’s experience is quick and casual; users can post updates on-the-go, without much thought—perfect for the time-crunched REALTOR®.

Whether you use Snapchat or Instagram, using a Stories platform helps you speak directly to your customer base and showcase the wowing features or amenities of a listing. Like all social media, it can also help your buyers and sellers get to know the real you, which keeps you top of mind the next time they have real estate business to conduct.

Which should you use with so many choices? Our suggestion: if you’re already on Instagram, there’s no reason not to jump aboard its built-in Stories feature, especially if you’ve been putting off getting to know Snapchat. However, Snapchat’s Story capabilities hit the market first and is currently more in depth than Instagram’s, with location-based filters, rewinding and fast-forwarding options, and those devilishly fun masking lenses.

So, which should you use? Decisions, decisions! There’s no right or wrong answer here, as long as you’re immersed somewhere in the social world. But the better question—the right question—is: Which one are your buyers and sellers on?

Article Written By: Nick Caruso, HouseCall

Why Snapchat Is Pure Gold for REALTORS®

Why Snapchat Is Pure Gold for REALTORS®


There is a huge amount of attention being paid to Snapchat in real estate right now, and rightfully so. While the buzz can be overwhelming, there are tons of important reasons why REALTORS® should jump on Snapchat. I’m going to discuss one of those reasons here: the one that is literally making me money right now.

After being active on Snapchat for 8-plus months and having built a following of thousands, I humbly consider myself an expert on Snapchat for real estate. With that context in mind, the biggest upside to Snapchat is the opportunity to create relationships with other REALTORS® from around the country and world—it’s not the ability to snap your open houses or market your real estate services directly to people in your city. It’s networking on steroids.

Why Snapchat?

Snapchat is loved by its over 100 million daily users because it promotes and cultivates authenticity and “real-ness” between users. Unlike most other social networks, (cough, cough, Instagram) it’s damn near impossible to fake who you are. Your real personality,
sense of humor (or lack thereof), living conditions, and life are shown in all their glory to your Snapchat friends, because on Snapchat, you’re really you. That is what makes it so powerful in terms of networking and building relationships. People are attracted to authenticity.

Snapchat is not a text-based platform like other social networks—it’s all visual (photo and video, and audio, too, with the new Chat 2.0 update). That’s it. When you’re having actual conversations with other REALTORS® all day via video snaps, don’t you think that you’d feel closer to them versus just writing back and forth via email, Facebook or Twitter? It’s because of this digital “face-to-face” means of communicating that you can create close relationships with new people very quickly. That’s exactly what happened to me. In a few short months, I have become friends with quite a few REALTORS® from all around the world. I now have real real estate buddies from Edmonton to Berlin, down to Australia, and all over the U.S.

That aside, I have sold more homes and my real estate business has grown as a direct result of the relationships I have made on Snapchat. Because my Snapchat friends know that I’m a REALTOR® in Salt Lake City, I have received some referral business from them. That’s right—Snapchat is bringing me more business. It can for you, too. It’s as simple as that.snapchat2

There are a ton of other reasons to get on Snapchat, but this one has the fastest, most tangible payoff. Start following REALTORS® on Snapchat and start conversations. Look up what we call “the real estate #Snappack”…a group of seven REALTORS® from all around the U.S. who get together from time to time on the Onion Juice Podcast (and soon to be a special #Snappack Facebook Group) to talk about real estate, marketing, social media, and whatever else comes up. Reach out to us on Snapchat and start networking with us. The more you talk with other REALTORS®, the more referrals you’ll eventually get—not to mention, it’s great to be able to learn what is working for other REALTORS® and see how they are doing things.

If you’re a REALTOR® and you’re not actively talking with other REALTORS® on Snapchat, I urge you to start today. There are so many great people out there who may end up becoming close friends. Plus, you never know…you may just sell a bunch more homes in the process!

Add us on Snapchat (username: @CLGinfo), too! We’d love to meet you and see how we can help each other.
Originally written by Dustin Brohm. Dustin is a top Salt Lake City REALTOR®, Snapchat and social media marketing master, smart home expert, entrepreneur & Founder of, a website for homebuyers and sellers, and local info on Salt Lake. He also hosts a new web show, Salt Lake Insider. Dustin is an expert on using the newest technology to have the most effective real estate marketing possible for his clients.

This post was originally published on RISMedia’s blog, Housecall. Check the blog daily for top real estate tips and trends.